Venue Selection

There are many people in India who want to immortalize the memories of their weddings like the elaborate marriages affairs shown in various Hindi movies. Towards that end, they want to solemnize their weddings in beautiful locations and venues in Rajasthan such as the Hotels, Havelis or other places. As we are a wedding planner company,Continue reading “Venue Selection”

Wedding Décor

Design and décor is an indispensable part of the wedding ceremony. Most of the time, the décor of the wedding venue depends upon the imagination of the host who has dreamt about it since his daughter’s birth. But, as he is very busy with the details of the wedding, he is not able to the scene atContinue reading “Wedding Décor”

Catering Services

Any event whether it is a marriage or a party or any other occasion, when any person invite his friends and family for celebration is not complete without the food and beverage. Most of the people tend to forget the event after some years, but they do not forget the taste of food and beverage year afterContinue reading “Catering Services”

Complete Wedding Management

Acting as your personal wedding concierge service, we will work with you to define your vision and then pull all the elements together in a seamless and efficient way – from budgeting and scheduling, through sourcing suppliers, to your wedding. Style with our stunning design. Team Management, RSVP, Logistics, and Guest Management – We are happy to take any challenge forward.


Here you find Shooting profile of Abros Production. This video is shoot for a Music Album that was Choreographed By Mudit Awadhiya & Rahul Burman, Nishant menon Directed this music video. Before launching  the video we have uploaded a short video for where we had shoot this whole project. That place is JABALPUR we stunnedContinue reading “SHOOT TIME”