Inspiration can come in countless forms — and, often, when you least expect it. While planning is key, it’s also important to roll with the punches during the planning and execution of any event. Not only can you, simply, not control everything (we’re looking at you, weather!) but often the most exciting and most memorable moments emerge from those unplanned experiences.

Who are we?

Abros Production & Events was established in 2016 to provide a focused approach towards the wedding planning segment. With years of experiences in the event industry, Abros Production & Events stands on a stronger base with the most creative, enthusiastic and committed team members, who have developed their expertise in the wedding industry.

Mudit Awadhiya, Founder & CEO

Mudit brings a unique blend of experience, education, and personality to every event. He qualified in Engineering from Computer Science, after completing his education he jumped up in event industry with unique ideas, creativeness and professionalism.

Mudit Awadhiya believes in Karma, he always says “work harder to make life easier. My work is my passion. I see each wedding as an opportunity to get to know yet another wonderful couple and help them achieve the dream wedding they always desired. I look at introducing new design concepts, reinventing floral designs, and coming up with ways to let my client’s personality shine through their wedding- through their décor and through the small things that make their day unique.”

“So live life with your eyes wide open so you can embrace unexpected moments because you never know when you will be inspired.”


Deciding on the perfect planner can be difficult when you don’t have enough time to do this yourself, or perhaps you don’t even know where to begin. Abros Production & Events offers full service planning and coordination services that will assist with any or all aspects related to your event.

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Complete Wedding Management

Acting as your personal wedding concierge service, we will work with you to define your vision and then pull all the elements together in a seamless and efficient way – from budgeting and scheduling, through sourcing suppliers, to your wedding. Style with our stunning design. Team Management, RSVP, Logistics, and Guest Management – We are happy to take any challenge forward.

Sangeet Ceremony Event

We make your moment historical……
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