Inspiration can come in countless forms — and, often, when you least expect it. While planning is key, it’s also important to roll with the punches during the planning and execution of any event. Not only can you, simply, not control everything (we’re looking at you, weather!) but often the most exciting and most memorable moments emerge from those unplanned experiences.

Mudit Awadhiya

Founder – Abros Production

Mudit brings a unique blend of experience, education, and personality to every event. He qualified in Engineering from Computer Science, after completing his education he jumped up in event industry with unique ideas, creativeness and professionalism.

My work is my passion. I see each wedding as an opportunity to get to know yet another wonderful couple and help them achieve the dream wedding they always desired. I look at introducing new design concepts, reinventing floral designs, and coming up with ways to let my client’s personality shine through their wedding- through their décor and through the small things that make their day unique.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Abros Production & Events was established in 2016 to provide a focused approach towards the wedding planning segment. With years of experiences in the event industry, Abros Production & Events stands on a stronger base with the most creative, enthusiastic and committed team members, who have developed their expertise in the wedding industry.

Cost of our services depends of the client reequipments,  We are flexible, you can take part by part services also. 

  • We place tremendous emphasis on listening and understanding your thinking and style
  • Based on our experience we bring valuable insights to the table
  • We assist and guide you in making the right decisions for your upcoming event
  • Rather than vendors, we project ourselves as a part of your team to accomplish the tasks successfully
  • Our expertise saves you time and money every step of the way. Trust us to make everything smooth, easy and elegant
  • Our dedicated project manager specialises in one on one focus on all your needs
  • Fast and accurate response guaranteed
  • Abros Production specialises in upscale wedding event planning and exclusive destination weddings

Effortless planning, impeccable designs, flawless execution – that is what we offer. Our services are as unique and varied as the clients we work with.

Our responsibilities span all the details related to the wedding and we make sure we complete them within the stipulated deadlines. We are a collective of the best wedding planners in Mumbai with every member from our team bringing a unique skill to the table. With ANR, you can banish the stress and simply relax and enjoy the day!

Our Mission

Let us make your vision a reality.

  • Expand geographically and cover new destinations for providing event management solutions.
  • Provide our full focus on customer so that we can dedicate our energy and take total interest in their project. 
  • Foster an ambience of learning, innovation, and customer empathy as our core values.

Our Happy Clients

A huge shout-out to the Abros Production Team. You guys have made it super special for us. It was a marathon effort and it was the best thing we could have asked for.

Thank you everyone involved in planning process
Akshay & Priya
Groom & Bride
We really can’t thank you enough and your whole team enough for what you and your team did for us...The way you guys worked, each and every one of you...It really felt like family!! We love you’ll and want you to feel very proud for what you’ve done. Lots of love and stay blessed

Let’s get started.

Tailor-made story-telling is what we do best. Whether you hop on a plane to a faraway locale or host in your own backyard, we’ll make sure your event feels like your best holiday ever. Check out our portfolio to see how we bring pre, the day and post event experiences together into one unforgettable celebration.